The Latest Fall Wedding Trends

Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, and we’re rolling into another busy and exciting fall wedding season! Every year the latest fall wedding trends change. Here are some of our favorite new trends!


The latest fall wedding trends state that large florals are in! Gone are the days of small floral designs, and now it’s all about large flowers in simple arrangements. Think lots of greenery mixed with flowers, and less structured bouquets overall. The large, almost messy designs reflect a casual attitude towards weddings and the rising trend towards large statement pieces.


This trend towards “going big” is also reflected in the decorations. Couples are now choosing to make big, bold statements through their wedding decorations. Examples: send offs featuring sparklers, elaborate lighting throughout the venue, ornate candelabras on tables, and large feature walls. These decorations make statements about the couples’ personalities and vibe, so the wedding can be ornate and still intimate.


In the wake of the royal wedding, one of the latest fall wedding trends is simplistic dresses. The gowns are simpler, with clean lines and details. The simplicity of the gowns allows for brides to bring their personal touch to other areas of the wedding, such as the flowers and decorations.

And yet, there is also a tendency for bold and daring wedding gown designs. As bridal designers turn towards more modern and less traditional designs, brides also have a chance to feel more personally represented in their bridal attire. Instead of wearing a traditional gown that may not suit their personalities, brides can now make statements about themselves as they walk down the aisle.

At Luxe Bridal Rack (at both our Chicago bridal salon and Michigan bridal salon), we’re always on top of the latest fashions. We have plenty of incredible bridal gowns that will allow you to make a statement on your wedding day. Or, if you prefer to wear a simpler gown, we carry an array of those gowns as well! When you make an appointment at LBR, you’ll be able to find whatever type of dress suits you best. Rest assured, you’ll find a gown you’ll love forever that reflects your personality and who you are as a bride–while still reflecting the latest trends in bridal fashion!


“Personalization” is really the main theme of 2020 and the latest fall wedding trends, which means that even the drinks are more detailed. The drink menus now reflect the couples, featuring signature drinks named after brides and grooms. Additionally, the drink menus won’t feature as much wine or beer–unless they’re the couples’ favorite drinks. Gin and mixed drinks are on the rise for popularity this fall and into next year.


The food is one of the most memorable wedding details. Continuing the fall wedding trend of personalization, couples will often forego the large wedding cake with a topper in favor of smaller cakes and assorted desserts complimented with a ceremonial cutting cake, or even no cakes at all. Couples may choose to have cupcakes or donuts for dessert, so they can mix and match different flavors and cater to the varying palates of guests.

Couples who do decide to have a wedding cake often aren’t having traditional cakes. These new wedding cakes are bold, with striking colors and designs. The fall colors shine in the cakes, many of the cakes highlighting copper and metallics. Cakes with sheer frosting and defined brush strokes are also some of the biggest fall wedding trends. Pastel colors and deep colors both, these brush strokes add an element of whimsy to the cakes and make the cake itself a statement decoration of the wedding.

Are you planning a 2020 wedding?

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