Accessories + Accents

Our mission at LBR—beautiful dresses at approachable price points—applies to our accessories collections, too. Season by season, we compile and curate a small but mighty mix of baubles and finery for our brides to accent their look. A belt that spells out the word ‘Love’ with Swarovski crystals? A cascading veil with custom embroidery? Our adornment pieces are polished, edgy and downright distinct—and the jewelry can easily be worn well beyond your wedding day.


A handful of our dress designers make coordinating veils, so we will always carry an edited mix of lovely off-the-rack options to choose from. Still can’t find the drapery you’ve been dreaming about? No problem. LBR’s master seamstresses can craft you a custom veil in-house to match your dress’ detailing and your desired length. In fact, our custom veils have proven to be highly covetable—and we’re not above boasting about it. Eighty percent of the veils LBR sells are custom-made. So whether you’re looking for a cathedral-length veil on a comb, a statement-making mantilla-style shroud, or a flirty fingertip-length number in tulle, your wish is our command.


The fashion piece is important—really, really important—but so is the sentiment. And if you can weave those two together flawlessly, well then, that’s a bridal moment for the books. Our savvy seamstresses can custom-embroider a short-and-sweet message on your veil, into the lining inside of your dress or on a matching piece of fabric that can be tied around your floral arrangement. A line from a love poem, your partner’s initials (or the initials of a loved one who can’t be a part of your special day), a significant song lyric, your wedding date, your nickname in “something blue” thread… The options to get creative—and saccharine-sweet—are endless. Straight up. We’re dream weavers.


LBR founder Maria Rubino takes her bling very seriously. After all, it’s the buttercream icing on the four-tiered wedding cake, so to speak. Which is why she has spent her career combing the globe for under-the-radar artisans whose craftsmanship eclipses the big-name brands (sans the sticker shock). From architectural headpieces and pearl-bedecked hairpins to earrings, bracelets and belts that deliver effortless sparkle, all are handmade in small-volume batches. Rubino sets the bar high: For example, one of LBR’s exclusive jewelry designers, RGR Designs, is based in Sicily, Italy, where the brand’s sole artisan makes all of its sparklers by hand from her home studio. Yeah, it’s that good.