Wedding Gowns

You know that head-to-toe tingle of satisfaction you get when someone says “That dress looks like it was made for you!”? Uh huh. It’s like that—only better. Here’s how it works: The LBR curatorial team is passionate about bridal fashion. And by passionate we mean we’re obsessively ogling the runway shows from Paris to Milan for standout dresses that run the gamut from flirty to refined. From there, we filter our finds down to our absolute faves and order one of each for trying-on purposes only. Then, when you fall head-over-heels in love with one of these internationally curated looks during your appointment, an expert stylist will take your unique measurements and custom order the dress in your size. And because no two bodies are created equal (thank goodness), and because things can shift over the course of an engagement, additional in-house tailoring is always available. Translation: Each and every one of LBR’s ready-to-order gowns is custom tailored to fit your uniquely beautiful bod.

Ready-to-order gowns start at $2,500 and top out around $12,000

Lead times are anywhere from 5-8 months with rush options available.

Blanche Bridal

Eva Lendel


Julie Vino

Madi Lane

Maria Farbinni


Sima Couture

Steven Khalil

Tony Ward

Wona Concept

Vera Wang

Pen Liv