Designer Yaniv Persy visits Luxe Bridal Rack

Earlier this month, Luxe Bridal Rack had the honor of hosting the visionary designer Yaniv Persy. The designer made a special appearance at our trunk shows and was able to spend time with the brides interested in his luxury bridal gowns.

When did this happen?

During LBR‘s Yaniv Persy trunk shows! Occasionally, the designer will also come to the trunk shows to be able to get firsthand opinions and meet the brides. We were so thrilled to hear Yaniv Persy was visiting Luxe since he’s one of our favorites! We had trunk shows at our Luxe Bridal Rack Chicago location and our Luxe Bridal Rack Birmingham location and Yaniv Persy visited both! This is why it’s always a good idea to stay informed of our trunk shows–you never know who might make an appearance! We absolutely loved seeing all of the beautiful future brides try on these luxury bridal gowns.

Why we love designer Yaniv Persy

Yaniv Persy‘s gowns are romantic, innovative, and unique. We love the extensive details Persy includes in all of his gowns that really reflect the quality of each and every stitch. These designs are contemporary chic and he often uses inspiration from the past to create timeless gowns. Yaniv Persy’s artistic approach to bridal fashion continually surprises the fashion industry, and we love it!

Another reason we love designer Yaniv Persy is his hands-on approach to our trunk show. We really appreciated–and the brides did too!–the interactive approach he took and all the time he spent with the brides-to-be! With each bride, he discussed their gowns, their desired styles, and made sure they were getting designer wedding dresses they would love for years to come.

Going the extra mile at LBR

Though he didn’t have to, Yaniv Persy took all the custom measurements for the brides while at Luxe Bridal Rack. Normally, custom measurements are an extra charge, but the designer did them all for free as a perk of the trunk show! We’re so grateful for this extra touch from Yaniv that made our brides’ experiences extra special!

Capturing all of the fun

During the trunk show, we captured a few moments of Yaniv with the brides and his gowns! Since then, Yaniv has also released his Spring 2020 collection (which we have in-store). Check out some of our favorite pictures from the trunk shows below!

Interested in attending an upcoming trunk show?

You can see all of our upcoming events for Luxe Bridal Rack Chicago here and Luxe Bridal Rack Birmingham here. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements and information about these shows. If you’d like to make an appointment at Luxe Bridal Rack, you can make one for Chicago here and one for Birmingham here. We’re looking forward to meeting you!