Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection: Exclusive First Look

In July, Luxe Bridal Rack was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive first look for the Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection–and the L’amour Spring 2020 Collection! This exclusive event was limited to only 15 luxury bridal salons in the entire United States and Canada. Luxe was chosen to be one of those salons! We’re so excited to finally share these gowns and our experience at this event.

How it all went down

Calla Blanche and L’amour invited Luxe Bridal Rack to their exclusive, private preview for their Spring 2020 collections! We were so honored to be included in this special event and had so much fun spending the weekend in Palm Springs with the designer and her team.

During the event, we were able to see all of the dresses during Runway Shows for the Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection and the L’amour Spring 2020 Collection. These shows featured in-person previews of all the gowns.

And because it was such an exclusive, small event, Luxe Bridal Rack and the 14 other luxury bridal salons invited were even able to have special input. When previewing the gowns, we were able to give the designers input and ideas for changes–all based on what we know you, our brides, are looking for!

We loved being able to give the designers feedback, and they listened! This means that when the dresses are released to the public, they’ll have the changes we suggested. And you’ll get a gown you love!

Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection & L’amour Spring 2020 Collection Exclusive looks!

We were able to pick our favorite gowns from the Calla Blanche and L’amour Spring 2020 Collections during this event, which was really exciting! Luxe Bridal Rack will now be one of the first bridal salons in all of the US and Canada to reveal these gowns in-store. Here are some of our favorite gowns we’ll be bringing to Luxe Bridal Rack:

If you want exclusive first access to these wedding dresses, make sure you visit Luxe Bridal Rack to see if one of them is your dream dress!

When can you try on these gowns?

You’ll be able to try on the Calla Blanche Spring 2020 Collection and L’amour Spring 2020 Collection at both Luxe Bridal Rack Chicago and Luxe Bridal Rack Michigan!

We’ll have the dresses in-store by early November, so you can make your appointment for Chicago or Birmingham now and be one of the first to try on these Calla Blanche and L’amour wedding gowns!

Are you excited to see these collections in person?

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Luxe Bridal Rack! You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates and to see more of our gowns! We offer ready to order gowns and off the rack gowns, as well as our luxury Vault experience.