The Vault

Sometimes a girl just wants the Beyoncé treatment—and rightly so. Which is why we came up with the concept for The Vault, a literal lockdown of our bridal salon for you and your big-day crew. Step one: During an initial phone consultation, one of our master stylists will take careful notes on your desired look. Princess bride, bohemian rapture, architecturally sleek and chic, power suit—you name it. From there, we’ll hand-select up to 10 gowns that we think will jive best with your style direction. Then, during your first (or second or third) visit, if you commit to purchasing a $6,000+ gown from LBR’s top tier ready-to-order or off-the-rack collections, we’ll schedule you a little something we like to call a Luxe Appointment. Those aforementioned perks include car service to and from your follow-up fitting, bottomless Champagne for you and your inner circle, and your very own master stylist working one-on-one with you through your final fitting. It’s good to be the Queen.

The Vault gowns are $6,000+ and consist of our ready-to-order and off-the-rack collections