Floral Bridal Gowns: The Hottest Trend

We’re seeing an explosion of floral bridal gowns in this year’s hot bridal trends – and we are fully loving this trend that is oh so much more then just what’s hott now in bridal! These fun and flirty gowns embrace a bright theme while getting in touch with nature. And the best part? Flowers work for all seasons! Embrace the spring blooms, herald the summer blossoms, celebrate the autumnal foliage, or add flowery touches to your winter nuptials. The modern and chic look of floral details adds the perfect feminine touch to each gown. 

Why we can’t get enough of floral bridal gowns

We’ve had plenty of love for floral gowns for some time now, and we’re glad to see brides are on board with this hot trend! One of the reasons we’re all about these floral gowns is because they allow for the bride to choose her style: florals look incredible on both modern and traditional dresses! So whether you’re looking to keep it traditional or rock a new style down the aisle, florals will add that extra oomph to your dress. 

Some of the hottest gowns

Lately, bridal designers have been delivering in a big way when it comes to flower gowns! It’s been tough to narrow down our favorites, but we fell in love with these six gowns at first sight. Enough of us talking–let’s see these dresses!

Are you looking for floral bridal gowns?

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