The 7 Hottest Summer 2022 Bridal Trends

The summer bridal season approaches and we’ve got the hottest summer 2022 bridal trends! Whether you want to follow the trends or stand out from the crowd, find out what you’ll be seeing a lot more of this summer bridal season.

Flirty florals

Chiara by Maria Farbinni

Floral details on gorgeous dresses is the perfect touch for walking down the aisle during a summer wedding. Especially if those florals are embroidered on a lace gown! Floral touches on a lace gown give a fun, flirty vibe while still allowing for a range of bridal looks, from traditional to modern. These flirty gowns are exactly what brides are looking for to make their big day one to remember. 

Shining sparkles

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Sparkles are IN! We love a good dress that picks up the light and sends sparkles flying across the room–and brides do, too! And when it comes to summer 2022 bridal trends, what better way to celebrate a bright and sunny summer wedding than with a bright and sparkly dress? From the moment you walk down the aisle to the last song on the dance floor, your sparkles will light up the room.

Backless beauties

Daniella by Maria Farbinni

The backless gowns are all about making a statement, and that’s what brides are doing! If the front of your dress is more simple, a low cut back is the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your gown. We’re big fans of #backdrama gowns, so we couldn’t be happier to see these stunning backless dresses coming into the summer 2022 bridal trends in a big way. 

Magnificent minidresses

Lola by Wona Concept

The minidress is a trend that first picked up steam in 2021, and its popularity is only growing in 2022! Plus, for brides with outdoor summer weddings, a traditional full-length gown might get stuffy and hot. The minidress is the perfect solution! A fun, flirty gown with plenty of personality–and short enough to keep you cool on the dance floor.

Radiant ruffles

Darling by Eva Lendel

Ruffles are in, in a BIG way this year. Summer 2022 gowns are packed with ruffled elements, from the sleeves to the skirt! And we love how this added texture can make a gown pop! If you’re looking for that touch of something special for your gown, ruffles are the way to go this year. 

Vintage vibes

Aretta by Eva Lendel

And while many brides look towards new designs for their wedding gown, plenty of designers are looking towards the past for inspiration! Wedding gowns with vintage vibes are in high demand, and the best designers know how to bring these elements to the gowns without making them look out of style or too stuffy. The vintage look is a tough line to walk and we love seeing brides make this look work! 

All about accessories

Custom embroidery by LBR Bridal

Lastly, when it comes to summer 2022 bridal trends, brides are looking for the perfect accessories! Big earrings, big necklaces, and layered bracelets are all the rage right now. Your bridal look isn’t all about the dress, and accessories are the perfect way to add some bridal bling to your day. 

Find a dress for the summer 2022 bridal trends

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