It’s Holiday Engagement Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–decorations adorn streets and homes, lights adorn trees, and sparkling new engagement rings adorn ring fingers. That’s right: it’s holiday engagement season! Along with all of the holiday festivities comes plenty of engagements, something you may have already noticed on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s not just the holiday season that’s popular: the top 3 most popular days for proposals are–in order–Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Why is Christmas so popular?

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Well, there’s a few reasons. For one, there’s something so romantic about winter. Cuddling on the couch with your partner, watching the snow fall, and drinking some hot cocoa is sure to make anyone feel extra romantic! When you turn on the TV, holiday romance movies are everywhere, reminding you what a magical and romantic time of the year it is.

Another reason is that many people want to be able to share their engagement with family and friends! So it makes sense that people are looking to propose on a day when they’re surrounded by their family and can share the excitement. On a day filled with joy and celebration, it makes sense that people want to add to that by getting engaged and adding an incredible Christmas memory to your family’s stories.

Plus, let’s be honest: all of those shining Christmas lights make for a great backdrop for the twinkling ring pictures! 

Rules of holiday engagements

One aspect of holiday proposals that is little talked about is the rules that surround them. Typically, when a person proposes, the engagement ring is considered a contract, an understanding between the couple that they will be together forever. If for any reason the couple breaks the engagement, legally the ring belongs to whoever purchased it.

But, the rules for holidays engagements are different! If someone proposes on a holiday (Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, birthdays, etc.), the ring is considered a gift. This means that if the engagement is broken off for any reason, the person who received the ring gets to keep it.

Other popular engagement dates

In terms of popular engagement dates, holiday engagements take the cake. After Christmas Day is Christmas Eve, and coming in third is New Year’s Day. Christmas Eve promises an engagement that is a little quieter and perhaps more private, but one you can still share with all of your family when you celebrate Christmas Day. For those proposing on New Year’s Day, couples are making a commitment to each other to spend forever together as the new year rings in. 

Following these big holiday season engagement dates is, of course, Valentine’s Day. According to some jewelers, the reason Valentine’s Day proposals are so popular isn’t just because it’s the holiday of love. Many proposers end up in a jewelry shop looking for a ring after New Years when their significant other confesses they were hoping for a holiday engagement. Looking to make things right, the proposer gets a ring to pop the question at the closest big holiday: Valentine’s Day! 

What we can learn from this is to always be open and honest with your significant other about if you’re hoping for a proposal–and if you’re the one doing the proposing, don’t give ring-box-sized presents if they aren’t ring boxes!

Did you have a holiday engagement?

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