Best Wedding Dress Trends for 2021 Brides

2021 brides have been dealing with a lot! Re-planning their wedding due to the pandemic, extra wedding stress, and hoping they’ll get to have the day of their dreams. And on top of all of that, they have to find the perfect wedding dress! As international bridal trends continue to change and evolve, here’s what you can expect from the 2021 bridal trendsetters.

Stunning sheath gowns

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Gone are the days of sweeping ball gowns. 2021 brides are searching for sheath gowns that show off their gorgeous figure without restricting movement. And part of the sheath appeal is accessorizing! Instead of limiting themselves to the bling on their dresses, brides are choosing simpler gowns that allow for more customizable glam.

Wear your style on your sleeve

Statement sleeves are all the rage for 2021 brides! Using sleeves to express style has been trending for a while and it won’t be going away anytime soon. Detached sleeves, long sleeves with embroidered or lace designs, and even removable sleeves are only going to become more popular in 2021

Back drama for days

Low cut, cut out, sheer, detailed…give 2021 brides all the back drama! Back drama details are an easy way to elevate your bridal look without extra costs and wow all your wedding guests. Though it was overlooked for years, brides are appreciating more and more that the backs of their dresses can add an extra pop of personality!

All over overskirts

2021 brides want to customize. In addition to adding their own accessories, brides want to choose their skirts too. Detachable overskirts are becoming more in demand as brides look to add a dash of glamour to their wedding look and still switch it up a bit for their reception. You can mix and match overskirts from different designers or even get one custom-made if you’re looking for something truly unique!

Little dress, lots of fun

Mini dresses are back in! 2021 brides are opting for “little white dresses” instead of the traditional bridal gowns. Clearly, brides are looking for more ways to express their unique personalities, which we love! And mini bridal gowns are a great way to show off your fun side, whether you wear it to your wedding or just to the reception.

Are you one of the 2021 brides searching for the perfect “I do” day dress?

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