The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2021

LBR Bride Cara at her outdoor wedding venue. One 2021 wedding trend is going big on finding the perfect venue for your day.

Whether your original wedding date was for 2021 or you were forced to push back your 2020 wedding, if you’re planning a 2021 wedding, chances are you’re knee-deep in the details by now! And while there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding, we are seeing some common wedding trends for 2021. You can follow the trends or do your own thing–the choice is yours! But here’s what you’ll need to know.

Smaller ceremonies

More and more, we’re seeing smaller ceremonies become more popular. While it was once in trend to celebrate with large amounts of extended family and friends, we’re now seeing the trend swing in the opposite direction. Couples want to celebrate with an intimate group of close friends and family. This way brides and grooms can spend more quality time with their guests and create a more memorable event for all!

But going big

Just because you’re having a smaller wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t go all out! One of the 2021 wedding trends we’re loving is couples going BIG at their receptions. And since they’re having fewer people there, that frees up the budget to add more oomph to the celebration. Buy the dress that makes you swoon! Splurge on the decorations you’ve been eyeing! Book the venue of your dreams! However you choose to “go big” at your wedding, one thing’s for sure: you’ve found the love of your life–so celebrate it!

Individualized bridal

While Boho bridal is still making waves for 2020 & 2021, wedding gowns are becoming more individualized. Each bride has a deep sense of who she is, and is searching for the perfect gown to reflect that. This means we’re also seeing a resurgence of more traditional ball gowns as well. And one wedding trend we don’t see going anywhere for 2021 is pockets! Whatever your style is, you can find your dream dress at LBR.

If you’re searching for a wedding gown that is tailored to your exact desires, make an appointment for The Vault at LBR Chicago or LBR Birmingham. This creative concept makes the day all about you: we shut down our bridal salon so you & your crew are the only people there, escort you to and from our salon in a luxury car, and provide bottomless Champagne for celebrating! Together, we’ll craft your perfect wedding look.

Say cheese!

Not for pictures–we’re talking about actual cheese! That’s right: cheese is one of the major wedding trends we expect to see explode in 2021. And with the ever-growing popularity of charcuterie boards, we can’t say we’re surprised. Instead of a donut wall or traditional cake, expect to see cakes made out of cheese wheels and oversized charcuterie boards for guests!

What trends will you be setting with your 2021 wedding?

Let us know if you’re all about these trends or if you march to the beat of your own drum! If you’re looking for the dress that is perfectly you, make an appointment at LBR Chicago or LBR Birmingham. LBR is a luxury bridal salon that takes the stress out of dress shopping! Our team of expert stylists are always armed with the latest trends and fashions from the best bridal designers in the world. 

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