This LBR Bride Opted for Off the Rack and You Should Too

At Luxe Bridal Rack, dreams don’t come at the expense of sanity. Because when you share your heart’s desires, we promise to deliver a gown that fulfills and at the right price point. Just ask Phillips Demming, a real LBR bride recently featured in the national wedding magazine, Inside Weddings.

Our Real LBR Bride

Don’t mind us, we’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor. We totally understand, it’s hard not to be captivated by Phillips’ gown, and it’s not even bespoke, it’s off the rack. However, this is not just any off the rack gown, this stunner is Inbal Dror.

Inbal Dror

If you’re currently planning a wedding and perusing local salons, then we can bet this name has been duly noted. As the “leading designer of Bridal Gowns and evening dresses in Israel,” this designer is making waves all over the world now. It’s that exquisite design and assiduous craftsmanship that caught Phillips’ eye and will undoubtedly catch yours. Thankfully, we offer this collection (among others that exude sophistication and grace) at our store.

Buying Off the Rack

But what’s so great about buying off the rack? Let’s be real, what’s not to love? For starters, it’s a route that guarantees preparedness regardless of your timeline. Unless you’re making alterations, that off the rack dress can be purchased today for a spur of the moment wedding tomorrow.

Take our girl Phillips, for instance, from proposal to the I do’s she was working with a four month time frame. Ordering a luxurious bespoke gown can take anywhere from four to six months on average. Unless you expedite it…adding another hefty cost to the mix. This simply wasn’t an option for the soon-to-be Mrs. Cooper, and our off the rack collections still ensured that unabashed opulence. Plus, one less stress, are we right?

Furthermore, at Luxe Bridal Rack we’re big fans of being savvy. When you spend less on your gown – while still upholding quality and elegance, mind you – it leaves more room for wedding accessories, décor and honeymoon excursions. Do you really want to pass on fresh flowers? One things for sure, Phillips didn’t! Her special moment, hosted at The Langham Chicago, was positively radiant. Now how can you possibly argue with that?

So, will we be seeing you at Luxe bridal rack soon?

Let’s talk. We’re open for appointments at our Chicago bridal salon or you can find us on Instagram and Facebook to stay inspired and in the loop.