Luxe Bridal Rack Introduces Two New Bridal Designers – Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes

New York Bridal Fashion Week is a dreamy occasion. The unveiling of 2019 designer collections is little short of inspiring – even for us, and we’ve seen it all! As a result, we have some unveiling of our own. We’re bringing Chicago’s savvy brides two new designers, Caroline Castigliano and Moira Hughes.

Caroline Castigliano

Not surprisingly, Caroline Castigliano’s collections have garnered her a spot among the most iconic bridal designers. Each gown’s charm lies in the fact that they’re “meticulously handcrafted in the United Kingdom for a flawless result,” as stated by her website.

When you don a piece from her exquisite selection, you’ll create a buzz for years to come. For brides-to-be, these dazzling white gowns tantalize, offering a glimpse at the perfect “I do.” Boasting “effortless glamour” and notable silhouettes, her designs exude understated elegance. Think Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor. A potent combination of both sophistication and sensuality.

The architecture of a gown is so important; the foundations have to be right. Then it is creating the movement, nothing is more stunning than a gown that moves and dances and finally the luxurious fabrics that just brings the designs to life. – Caroline Castigliano

Moira Hughes

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Moira Hughes’ graceful endeavor was born of an affinity for the “perfectly fitted wedding gown.” Her ambition took her to Sydney, Australia. There, she opened a flagship boutique and continues to create unforgettable moments for each bride.

This October debuted Moira Hughes’ LoveStruck Collection which has been described as “timeless and playfully seductive.” Sweeping the globe with these bold and coquettish designs, Hughes has delighted brides who aim to beguile their groom and their guests. But our award-winning salon is taking the excitement one step further. We’ve been working personally with Moira Hughes to make overskirts for her collection of jumpsuits and gowns – a chic and exclusive feature for our fashion-forward brides.

You can ask a woman of any age or nationality what her wedding dress looked like and 50 years later she will be able to tell you every detail. That’s why I love bridal, the whole experience. It is so special to be involved in making a woman feel more incredible than she ever thought possible. – Moira Hughes

Where can you find these?

Like all of our couture gowns, you can expect to snag these Caroline Castigliano & Moira Hughes pieces in our made to order and bridal vault selections, and you can rest assured each gown has been carefully chosen by our bridal experts. We’re excited to bring these hot commodities to Chicago. Make an appointment today for a chance at wedding bliss!


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