Selecting Your Veil

Finding the perfect gown is a bride’s proverbial quest for the holy grail; we’ll fight tooth and nail to get our hands on it. But here’s the thing, that notion is crazy, because Luxe Bridal Rack has an elegant cache at virtually any price point. Everything you desire is right through our doors. And when you find it? Well, we have the veil to go with it.

Second to the gown itself is your veil, and choosing the best fit is a simple, but delicate matter. So, look back at your dress – be it in your head or in your hand – and we’ll get started.

Noteworthy Elements 

Your gown is already remarkable, it goes without saying, so don’t lessen its radiance by diverting attention away. To understand what accessories best complement your choice, look at the areas where your gown really shines. Does it project a quiet grace? Or are the details bold and vibrant? If embellishments are minimal, go with a veil that has a voice. If they’re daring, your veil should remain calm and cool.


Home in on the length, and make sure you try on a few options while you’re in our salon (we’re happy to oblige no matter how often we run back and forth). The flow of your gown’s silhouette should never be interrupted, but rather framed. You can add a little vim and vigor with shorter, playful veils or keep it formal with a rivulet of soft tulle.


White, right? Welcome to the world of wedding planning, where every shade of white bears its own unique title. The only thing you need to make certain of is that gown and veil match!


Your hairdo may be contingent on your veil, but some gals know exactly where their luscious locks will fall. In this instance, keep the idea alive. Make sure your veil isn’t hiding the splendor.


So you’re particular? You know what you want, and you most certainly know what you don’t. If you find yourself in a rut – uninspired – simply visit our in-house atelier for a custom design. It’s your special day and this is sure to keep the spotlight bright.

The Significance

We’re confident a veil pulls your wedding ensemble together. It creates cohesion and ensures flawless photographs…not to mention the memories that will last a lifetime!


Let’s talk. We’re open for appointments at our Chicago bridal salon or you can find us on Instagram and Facebook to stay inspired and in the loop.