Modern Luxury Weddings Features Luxe Bridal Rack

Here at Luxe Bridal Rack, we love Modern Luxury Wedding‘s knowledgable input on the Chicago designer bridal scene. The premiere Chicago designer bridal magazine Modern Luxury Weddings featured Luxe Bridal Rack in its Winter/Spring 2019 issue. They love our Vault concept and wanted to showcase it! We agree–it’s pretty awesome.

The Vault

So what is LBR’s Vault?! Modern Luxury Weddings highlights Luxe Bridal Rack’s new Vault experience. While LBR is known for offering high-end designer gowns at incredible prices, The Vault is a new concept. The Vault is a full-service luxury experience. This experience is geared towards brides with a minimum budget of $6,000. Also, brides must love beauty for the Vault. LBR Owner Maria Rubino calls The Vault “a bridal concierge service.”

What does that mean? It means that you’ll get a “full-service luxury service” while shopping for your dream dress, according to Modern Luxury Weddings.

When you schedule an appointment with The Vault, you’ll be matched with your very own personal stylist. Your stylist will work with you to discuss styles, trends, and your must-haves. On the day of your appointment, LBR will send a luxury car to pick you up and bring you to our store. This luxury experience means we’ll close the store to anyone else–you can sit back and relax with your bridal squad during your exclusive appointment.

Why does Modern Luxury Weddings care?

Why did Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago feature us? Well, Modern Luxury Weddings realizes that LBR is once again changing the way to shop luxury bridal. Luxe is known for its affordable off-the-rack and ready-to-order gowns, but is now branching out into extreme luxury as well.

At Luxe, we believe every bride should love her dress–regardless of what she spends on it. And for those brides who know they want a high-end (possibly custom!) dress and are willing to spend the money, we deliver a luxury experience that will match your dress. The Vault changes shopping for a dress into an event: a day you’ll remember forever.

The latest edition of Modern Luxury Weddings features Luxe Bridal Rack because they know The Vault is a big deal. Catering the day to each bride’s specific tastes and needs is a level of detail other luxury bridal salons just don’t offer. LBR once again is at the forefront of creating luxury bridal experiences, and MLW knows it.

If you’re a bride looking for a luxury bridal salon experience like none other, look into The Vault. Find your dream dress, one that reflects perfectly who you are. With off-the-rack and made-to-order design options, you’ll say “I do” in a dress you’ll love so much, you’ll wish you could wear it every day.