Raising the Bar for off the Rack Wedding Dresses in Chicago

While recent years — decades, even — have brought us every kind of themed wedding imaginable, we’re anticipating a return to the traditional, the classic, the timeless. We’re not going to argue with your choice to wear Converse down the aisle or holding your wedding in your parents’ backyard. (We’re totally here for saving cash where you can.) But let’s think beyond the theme, the invitation, and the catering. How do those trends fare when it comes to your wedding dress? What’s the place of quality and craft in your wedding? The variance in quality of off the rack wedding dresses complicates things.

Choosing quality before trends

Most bridal stores and bridal salons with options of retail and off the rack wedding dresses are stocking whatever’s the most in-style at the given moment. The Chicago bridal market isn’t unique in this way. The average bridal store in Chicago needs to feel accessible, and mass-produced gowns can cycle through quickly because they cost less. Many Chicago bridal salons simply carry what’s been designed with the latest fads in mind. Sure, it’s less expensive for the bride, the store, and the manufacturer. But these dresses just don’t hold up when we compare them to quality “name-brand” designs. Yet you don’t have to compromise. 

The designer name matters for your wedding dress

Even if a gown features a neckline or embellishment or silhouette only recently decided to be cool, the difference is in its construction. Quality fabrics, lace, and beading make the dress special. We trust designers’ names because they’ve built a reputation for quality and an apt sense of timelessness, regardless the actual design. You can’t knock off quality when it comes to a wedding dress. It shows in the structure, the seams, the details, and the very way it moves. There’s a tangible difference.

We’re bringing off the rack wedding dresses to Chicago at Luxe Bridal

Our gowns arrive directly from the designers you love. You can afford that stunning Pronovias gown you see on Instagram. We’re thrilled to retail the discount designer wedding dresses Chicago brides deserve. We receive overstock and samples from the latest designer collections at up to 30% off their original price. We even carry selected designers for re-order.

Recently engaged? Still shopping? Make your appointment to visit #LBR and see what’s in store.