These Are the Wedding Dress Trends Real Chicago Brides Are Loving in 2018

As we near peak wedding-planning season — hey, June brides! — we think we’ve got a good idea of which 2018 designer trends the real brides are falling for. Our Chicago bridal salon cycles through the latest designer overstock and samples very quickly. So we’ve seen it all. Here’s what you’ve been loving.

Keep it clean

We might only be 25% done with 2018, but we’re 100% done with OTT silhouettes. At least it seems like you are. We’ll stay impartial on that. (Besides, some things will just always hold a special place in our hearts…like couture.)

‘Simple’ doesn’t mean boring

We’re not even talking about statement pieces. We love a good mile-long veil and train. But let’s keep it to one element if we’re going that route. Think extravagant lace over an elegant, closely cut body. Or a really cool nude-top jumpsuit. Or, for the daring, nude all over. But our Chicago brides are really into the clean-cut minimalist wedding dresses and silhouettes this year. And we’re here for it.

Crepe the halls

This super-flattering, super-chic fabric works on almost every body. It’s the perfect match for those clean lines and edgy styles you love — it drapes beautifully.

marquise bridal crepe retro wedding dresses statement sleeves high neck
Marquise Bridal

The trick’s in the fit. Great tailoring is what will ultimately make your dress perfect for you.

We’re only just getting started with 2018 at Luxe Bridal Rack — join us at our Chicago bridal salon this spring to find your dream dress.

What trends are you a fan of? What’s hot, what’s not? Is the whole concept of bridal ‘trends’ on the way out? Let’s hear it.

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