Nicole Spose is a bridal line created by designer Alessandra Rinaudo. Rinaudo and her husband, Carlo Cavallo, founded the Nicole Fashion Group, which encompasses 6 different bridal lines, including Nicole Spose and Nicole Spose Couture. 
Alessandra Rinaudo was born into a family that prized the bridal dress tradition and design. From a young age, she learned by watching her mother and grandmother. Their influence led to Alessandra understanding and appreciating the quality of different materials, as well as developing a skill for using embroidery to reveal the beauty and originality of dresses. 
The gowns of Nicole Spose spotlight the current trends, while remaining elegant and unique. These gowns are perfect for the modern bride who wants to wear the latest trends without sacrificing femininity.
Our Nicole Spose prices start at $1,660

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Nicole Spose*

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